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Adam Law brings over 20 years of experience in whistleblower litigation and healthcare compliance.

February 2022

Compliance Issues for Healthcare OrganizationsState Bar of Georgia, Fundamentals of Health Care Law CLE (February 2022) 



The Role of Sub-Regulatory Guidance in Healthcare Compliance and Enforcement Actions, by Lynn M. Adam and Daniel J. Hettich, Health Law Handbook, 2022 Edition. © Thomson Reuters, Alice G. Gosfield, Editor.  The Health Law Handbook is available from Thomson Reuters by calling 1-800-328-4880 or visit

In this chapter of the Health Law Handbook, we examine the prominent role of sub-regulatory guidance in healthcare enforcement actions, compliance inquiries, and reimbursement disputes.

September 2021

Sub-Regulatory Guidance In Fraud and Compliance Actions – Allina and Other Recent Developments, American Health Law Association (AHLA), Fraud and Compliance Forum (September 2021)


Spring 2022

Atlanta Community Food Bank

Adam Law is a proud sponsor of the Georgia Food Bank Association including the Atlanta Community Food Bank.  We participate every year in the annual fundraiser called Georgia Legal Food Frenzy.  Last year’s drive was a huge success!  We are grateful for the generous support of the Firm's friends and colleagues.


December 2020

Emerging Trends in Non-Healthcare False Claims Act Cases, False Claims Act Summit (December 2020)


Summer 2020

The Doctor Is In ... Your Living Room: COVID-19 Ushers In A New Era For Telemedicine, with Amy Fouts and Lee Earnest, Health Law Developments, Health Law Section, State Bar of Georgia (Summer 2020)